Wiingou impact

Wiingou impact

What is Wiingou Impact?

Wiingou Impact is a branch of Wiingou, specialising in the development of precision agriculture solutions for emerging countries.

Through Wiingou Impact, we are able to tailor our solutions to meet the challenges faced by farmers in developing countries.

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The parametric insurance process

Step 1

An icon of a farmer looking at his crops

Choice of crop to be produced by the farmer, for a given period.

Step 2

An icon of a plant growing on a farmer hand

The farmer approaches their bank to finance the purchase of inputs, equipment or increase their cashflow.

Step 3

An icon of a financial institution

The bank transfers the file to Wiingou to calculate the risk and the corresponding guarantee.

Step 4

An icon of someone analysing figures

We calculate the risk on the basis of the location, the agronomic profile of the plant, satellite data and climate data.

Step 5

An icon of a circuit

Setting parameters:
- Type of insurance
- Type of crop to be covered
- Coverage period
- Area to be covered
- Index threshold

Step 6

An icon of a contract to be signed

Electronic signature of the contract by all parties.

Step 7

An icon of an astronaute

Monitoring of the evolution of climate indices determined beforehand with certified data from NASA and NOAA.

Step 8

An icon of a payment

When a threshold is exceeded, compensation is automatically triggered.

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