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A family of three people with the parents and their daughter

In March 2020, a former investment banker, a risk analyst specialising in commodities and a technology expert joined forces to create Wiingou.

All of them, aware and concerned about the impact of global warming of crops production, wanted to help the agricultural community by offering them the possibility of improving financial risk management.

By combining their expertise, their goal in creating Wiingou was to develop farming solutions tailored to the needs of farmers, while addressing the current challenges of crop production.


Through our technologies and our community of experts, our mission is to manage the climate risks caused by weather-related disasters by providing solutions accessible to all, making our agricultural regions and the families who live in them stronger, happier and more resilient in the face of uncertainty.

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Our values

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By combining our unique understanding of emerging markets, data driven algorithms and technology to design tailor-made financial products.

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Our internal and external relationships are based on integrity and jusitify the quality of the services we offer to our clients, as well as the trust they place in us.

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Client centricity

We see life through our customers' eyes to understand their challenges, hopes and desires, giving us the opportunity to respond appropriately.

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We move forward by relentlessly challenging the status quo and rising to solve the issues that we are facing while learning to work outside of our comfort zone.

A word from the ceo

CEO of Wiingou, Anthony Mukanya
Anthony mukanya
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Co-founder and CEO of Wiingou

" As a former banker, I saw firsthand how capital providers such as banks struggle to properly quantify the agricultural credit risk because of climate change.
Wiingou was created to help our clients monitor their exposure to climate risk, anticipate its impact on business operations and alert them in case of disaster.
Our culturally diverse team is qualified to deliver customised solutions no matter where on the planet."

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