Crop monitoring tool

what is the crop monitoring tool?

People in a field, touching the plants and analysing their tablet for results

The Wiingou platform is a decision support tool that enables farmers to assess the state of crops, to reduce costs of monitoring and analysing soils, and to anticipate climate hazards.


Through an overall analysis of the crop, it is possible to detect areas of high/low productivity and to assess the health of the plants sowed.

  • Vegetation indices: NDVI, NDRE, MSAVI and ReCI
  • Crop rotation
  • Soil moisture
  • Weather conditions
  • Cloud density
A screenshot of the analysis of the crop available in the crop monitoring tool

Our various data sources allow us to provide 14 consecutive days of weather forecasts, including daily updates.

  • 14 consecutive days weather forecasts
  • Access to 10 years of historical weather data
  • Plant growth stages according to forecasted weather conditions
Weather forecasts screenshot available in the crop monitoring tool

Recommendations are made for variable-rate seeding and fertilisation, following soil sampling.

  • Soil sampling
  • Downloadable variable-rate fertiliser application maps
A screenshot of the zoning available in the crop monitoring tool

A ranking of the farm's fields is made to compare their productivity.

  • Vegetation deviations between fields and crops types
A screenshot of the field classification available in the crop monitoring tool

It is possible to manage the agricultural activity of the farm through the planning and task monitoring to be carried out in each field.

  • Calendar available for each field
  • Location of each field through the transmission of GPS coordinates
  • Use of the platform in offline mode
A screenshot of the planification of activities available in the crop monitoring tool
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