Climate disasters cost $170 billion by 2021

The ten most costly climate disasters of 2021 exceed $170 billion in damage.

A woman holding wheat in a wheat crop

More than $170 billion in damage, That's the economic cost of the ten most costly natural disasters of 2021, according to the annual report of the NGO Christian Aid.

In 2020, the same report indicated that the ten most devastating weather events of 2020 would cost nearly $150 billion in economic damage. Experts say this increase reflects the growing impact of global warming.

This economic ranking over-represents disasters occurring in wealthy countries with more developed and better insured infrastructure, but the NGO points out that "some of the most devastating extreme weather events in 2021 will hit poor countries, which have contributed little to the causes of climate change" and where most damage is uninsured.

  • Storm Ida :

Topping the list of the most costly natural disasters according to the NGO is Storm Ida, which took place in the United States from August 28 to September 2. Storm Ida caused flooding in New York City, with an estimated economic cost of $65 billion.

  • Flooding :

In second place were the Julyfloods in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and neighboring countries (Netherlands,Luxembourg, France), with $43 billion in insured damage.

  •  Winter storm Uri in the United States :

A cold snap hit Texas, affecting the power grid in particular and causing 23 billion in damage.

  • Flooding in Henan province in China :

In China, Henan province was particularly hard hit by torrential rains in July that caused historic flooding. Of the approximately 300 victims, most were in the city of Zhengzhou, which has a population of 10 million. The city received the equivalent of an entire year's rain in 72 hours, including 200 mm of rain in just one hour on July 20.

  • Flooding in British Columbia, Canada (November, $7.5 billion).
  • The late April cold snap in France ($5.6 billion), which devastated prestigious vineyards.

In April 2021, frost ravaged French crops, beets, fruit trees, and especially the French vineyards: the damage amounted to more than five billion euros.

  • CycloneYaas in India and Bangladesh(May, 3 billion)
  • TyphoonIn-Fa in China (July, 2 billion)
  • Floodingin Australia (March, 2.1 billion) and Cyclone Tauktae in India and Sri Lanka (May, 1.5 billion)

In all, more than 250 billiondollars of insured losses would be incurred as a result of natural disasters in 2021. According to the reinsurer Swiss Re Institute, this is more than 24% morethan in 2020.

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