Since 2020, Wiingou has been developing precision agriculture solutions for risk assessment and management of the agricultural value-chain, in the face of climate hazards.

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Discover our parametric insurance solutions and precision agriculture tool, based on remote sensing technology.


We aim to help the agricultural value-chain, from farmers to agricultural cooperatives and financial institutions, such as banks and investment funds.



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A woman holding wheat in a wheat crop

Moody's adds a climate risk scores on its analytics platform

Moody's Analytics, a leading provider of financial information, announced the launch of proprietary climate risk scores on its commercial real estate (CRE) analysis platform, REIS. The climate risk scores quantify the exposure of commercial properties to the impacts of climate change to help investors, brokers and lenders gain a more comprehensive view of risk exposure.

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A woman holding wheat in a wheat crop

When parametric insurance becomes a necessity to tackle climate change

While only 30% of French farmers are insured against climate risks, natural disasters caused by global warming are constantly increasing. More than ever, it is necessary to provide solutions which help to anticipate and react upstream to these hazards.

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